Happy Memories


What are your happy memories? Were these from your childhood? Or when you graduated from college? How about the time when you had your first interview or you purchased a really nice dress? Was it the time your partner of seven years proposed to you? Or when you had your first baby? Was it the moment you made your parents smile during your piano recital? Or when you were in a remote island camping with your friends? All these memories are all worth keeping in the mind and in the heart.


But if you really want to treasure and remember the exact moment and feeling that time, I do suggest you take a photo of it that could last a life time. I do not just use my cell phone camera to capture moments. I have invested in a couple of cameras which I love using during my travels. One of which is my 360 grad kamera which I always use when me and my loved ones go on camping and trekking. It is very affordable and can be used really simple. I suggest you also invest in other cameras like a DSLR, an action camera, and even a instax to capture even fun and memorable moments of your life. I used these cameras too to document milestones in my life. When I bought a new pair of shoes coming from my first paycheck, and even a selfie with my first client. I just love capturing moments How about you? What do you love about taking photos?

So Many Things To Do



This weekend, I have a lot of things to do. I have been sick for two weeks which led to my works beig pending. And now, I am slowly catching up with tons of my work as a freelance writer as well as in my household tasks. I have finished some of my articles to pass for an online publication already and I am now in the second batch of deadlines. As for my household task, I should be going to the mall to buy some grocery stuff as I do not have any supplies already. I have ran out of milk and some goods plus some toiletries so I am really living a very uncomfortable situation right now.


I should also be heading to the laundry shop for my pile of clothes. And oh, for the weekend, I am planning to consult a cheap self storage company my boss asked me interview and feature because of their great service to their clients. I believe this self storage company has been making waves and has led to a nice business solution pro iser for those who need space for personal or business storage. it really helps and I am excited to interview and know more about their company.