Something special for a cancer patient

I found this amazing site for: Cancer survivor gifts… This is my honest opinion, I really do know that Crystal healing is something special, and JuJu is absolutely the place for your best Crystal send jewelry, and stuff that will really help your aura. It totally help me, even though I was constantly facing opposition, people telling me that Crystal healing was just fake signs, well, it worked for me, so I don’t see what could be fake about it. I know that it is all about wearing the thing in believing in it, but I believed in it even though I was skeptical, I felt the power, and I got better. I know a lot of people that do this, so and I think of breast cancer gifts and ideas for people who are suffering from serious illnesses and people who are in the hospital on people who are really struggling with their mental health, I always buy them crystals or jewelry or some kind of transformative material that they can aware and be reminded of the virtues of compassion and tranquility, and be protected from everything that tries to remove them from their good, healthy space.

An amateur photographer’s new trick

So, there is a lot of angst from the more privileged and pretentious photography communities against camera filter apps and those who use them; namely, amateur photographers. Now, obviously, professionals would be less threatened if there was nobody biting at their ankles or heels, but that’s not how things work. And, if things were easier, people have become complacent. Now, I may seem like a bit of a conspiracy theorist or something like that, but these are things I actually believed to be true. Like, full-on. I really do believe that this type of camera filter technology that allows people to transform their cell phone photos into something special is, just that, something special. And I don’t believe that it is all the filter, either. I’ve used many camera filter in my day, and I can honestly tell you that it is not easy to make a photo look special on one of those amps. It takes a skill within itself, and also takes skill on the part of the photographer taking the original photo. Trust me, yeah you still have to know what you’re doing. It’s not like, just because you have some cool apps, you’re automatically getting award-winning photographs. I just don’t see why it is acceptable for people to complain about resourcefulness. Resourcefulness is absolutely essential, and it creates so much efficiency… It is what keeps the economy in the state of progress rather than stalling. Without resourceful this people would never learn do more than with less, and we would be stuck with all the same old inefficiencies.

Why I Love Amazon Prime Canada

They still specialize in books, and ebooks, in a better way than any other website currently does, well also having a launch streaming video site, as well as the ability to purchase all sorts of media on their platform. Yes, and they even offer an alternative to Dropbox, which with membership is free. Now, I know you’re thinking, and Amazon Prime membership, is not free, because I’m still paying $79 to Amazon Prime Canada. But, here’s the thing, when you start to eliminate the costs that you won’t have to pay because you have an Amazon Prime membership, including shipping, file storage, Netflix, and things like this, you start to see a turn towards profit in a pretty prompt fashion, and I don’t think that this should be underestimated, and sometimes I do feel like this aspect of Amazon Prime is not quite getting enough respect. I still feel like people are taking this reputation to Amazon Prime Canada, that it does not as good as Amazon Prime of the United States. Yes, two hour delivery is not quite a thing yet, but it will be. Mark my words, and even if it’s not, who is offering to our delivery. There is no competition in our country that is doing so, so it is not like we should be holding it against Amazon Prime Canada that they’re not. It’s not the discriminating against Canadian, it’s just not economically viable for Amazon Prime Canada to work on the exact same productivity standard as its counterpart to the South. Surely, that has to be understandable.

The Unstoppable Trend


I’ve been considering Outsourcing lately. Software outsourcing. I think that it’s a good idea. I don’t think I want to hire another it team, because it can be so expensive to pay their full-time wages along with benefits and taxes, things like that. But that doesn’t mean that the work that this type of person does is not essential to the excessive a company, it just means that it’s only occasional. That is why that Outsource Market is so valuable to employers like me, and I think, if you run or manage business, you should be considering Outsourcing as well. I would sourcing at the natural result of specialization of Labor, which really started to pick up nearly a hundred years ago. I am a die-hard supporter of Outsourcing, whether it’s offshore or domestic. A lot of people don’t like offshore Outsourcing because they think it’s giving our money to another country, but that’s all the globalized economy is now. Nationalism isn’t going to get us any further, and the only way to succeed is to profit. If I’m not doing with the competition is doing, then I’m losing. And it’s not ethical from any other points of you, the money that I pay when I do offshore Outsourcing, is providing significant amounts of money for people who live in other countries. The wage is significant to them, even though if, in conversion, the wage that they are earned, and are very happy to earn, is not very high of an expense for me, compared to the amount of quality I’m receiving. To be honest, I don’t see why more people don’t do this type of thing. I think that the big shift in the economy in the next two years is going to be that people are going to commit more to Outsourcing, and if they have an issue with offshore Outsourcing, does a start using more domestic sources. It’s already, and it’s only going to grow.



Online grade calculator for students and teachers

I found the best grade calculator. I found it online, and it is better than any other one I found online, and I’ve got a lot of research in this regard. It’s a final grade percentage calculator, and it does everything you need with only three variables that you enjoy yourself. Can you believe that? Only three variables. It can work for any teachers as our rubric, or any type of syllabus. All you need to know is your current grade in that course, whichever student should know as they approach their final exam, or, at the very least, you should know how to obtain that information with that very much trouble. Then, after that, all you need to know is the great that you hope or need to achieve. First I love you, that will be a simple as passing grade. For the more ambitious of us, you will have a set mark that you have other stuff for yourself, or that has been set for you so that you can achieve some kind of specific path through your degree or diploma program. Finally, you need to know the worth of your final exam. Though this may know be available to you off the top of your head, if you’ve been paying attention in class your professor probably will have been mentioning it fairly often, and you can probably find it in your syllabus, either online or on the paper copy that you were likely given on your first day of that course. With these three pieces of information, you press a easy to spot button, which is as easy as every other element of this process, and before you know it, you are told exactly what you need to get, and a numeric Sense, on your exam so that you can get the grade that you hope to get in that course.

A New Found Product for Me

So, this is what I think of this new product that is found. It seems to be a really exciting concept and it is delivered in an excellent way. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews for this site that allows you to customize your own electric scooter: That’s right, there’s a site for that too. The times just keep changing and exciting ways, and I think that that is one of the most interesting and exciting things about modern technology, I just think it’s amazing that in today’s day in age we can design a scooter online and have a custom made for us. Of course, most auto manufacturers don’t work this way. But this brand is all about subverting the Norms of the industry to the gain of the consumer.  This brand does away with all those inconveniences that off and get brought into the process, and we all get to benefit from it. The consumer pays less for a higher quality of product, and The Business profits more. It’s hard to explain one more companies don’t do it this way, but you have to be willing to be against the status quo and face Summers distance along the way. Basically what this friend offers though is a smart electric scooter, the batteries are totally portable and you charge them inside. That means that they’re only weigh about 9 kilograms, and it’s only takes a few hours to charge the battery for 2 or 3 days of driving. Of course, scooters like this are best in the city, not the country, but your if you live in a city in Germany, this is exactly the type of vehicle that you should be using to get around because there are no negative side effects regarding pollution period I think that that is very exciting thing, as I often feel a bit guilty for driving around and polluting, this way you are working to credit cleaner City for yourself and your neighbors.

Pacifying the screaming toddler within

She started screaming while I was making roast potatoes last night.


I want to dye my hair brown! (who am I kidding, I love my hair colour, gingers rule.)

Or throw out all my clothes and create a totally new style! (actually, no, colour blocked pencil skirts are great.)

Or move to Azerbaijan! (not while my job, husband, flat and oh yeah, city are so awesome.)

But I’m ready for a change of…something!

The roast potatoes weren’t very impressed.

(They rarely are.)

Fall is an almost painful season for the slow build of financial prudency. It’s full of anticipation and promise – but we know we have to sit tight and let our good habits do their work.

And these habits are doing pretty well. I’m putting a third of my income toward debt and a little more towards savings – and fantasising about how fast those savings will stack up once my debt is gone and I can put the full amount away every month.

But there’s a stroppy toddler inside me, and that stroppy toddler is stamping her feet and shouting “Want it NOW!”

And to her, I can only say:

Chill out.

Your time will come.

And I give her a pacifier. Like the whirlwind of London Cocktail Week, or a day out visiting free museums and historical sites around the city – or a delicious roast dinner and movie at home with my delicious husband.

And wait.

The doubts begin to creep into my mind.

What if you’re hit by a bus tomorrow? Will you really be able to say you’ve led a satisfied life, with all the money you’ve packed away instead of enjoying?

You shouldn’t hoard money like a miser. A Christmas Carol was a morality tale, not a how-to!

Just make the minimum payments and live it up this month. You deserve it! It’s your birthday! It’s your anniversary! It’s Christmas!

What these are all code for:

I’m not getting my way and I don’t like it!

Well, you know what?

Tough shit, kid.

Because in a few years, when the debt is gone and the savings are starting to pile up…

…you’re going to be the most pumped kid on the playground.

Running out of money eight hours into the month: a very spoooooky payday


Halloween pub

This means today, after paying all my monthly bills and making debt payments – this month’s contribution to the “not getting kicked out of the UK visa” debt payoff fund, as well as the absolute minimum I can put towards my student loans every month and still knock them out before I hit 30 – I’m already £170 overdrawn. Again. And November hasn’t even started yet. (Thankfully it’s a short month.)

I’ve therefore decided to use GUMPTION to earn £170 this month and theoretically save myself from overdraft charges. At the moment, plan for GUMPTION includes:

  • Selling books on Amazon
  • Picking up freelance work on Elance;
  • Drinking cupfuls of boxed red wine and trying to write porn to sell on Kindle. (I have it on very good authority that people who write bad spanking porn are basically just millionaires in waiting. All of them!)
  • Genteelly hating bloggers who go “Oh, I’ve set up my blog for passive income and now it makes money for me while I travel the world, haha!”
  • Going to the pub. Because some people may turn down a London craft beer pub crawl on payday, but those people are not me.

(No goals for November, they’ll just depress me when I inevitably fail to achieve them.)

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Self-hosting, Sandy clean-up and where to visit before it’s gone forever

News and picture of the week for November 5, 2012…

Photo of the week: Autumn means time for indoor pursuits, like moose head ping pong (Sunday November 4)

My biggest news this week is that I’ve moved to self-hosting! I’m now at, rather than This means a lot more flexibility in terms of what I can do with the site (mostly in terms of amusing myself with layout tweaks). The layout still doesn’t look quite the way I’d like it to – I want comment counts on the front page, for example – but it was a bit of a scary step and I’m happy to have pulled it off with nothing going too wrong.


My move means I’ve been doing a bit of reading up on good blogging advice.

  • English fashionista Not Dressed As A Lamb offers some great pointers on photography for bloggers at Photo Tips Friday: Clean Up, Resize, Optimize Your Photos. (I downloaded this thing you call “Instagram” to my phone last week. I still have no idea what to do with it.)
  • Speaking of photos, I’ve discovered the outstanding blog Camels and Chocolate, by travel writer and photographer Kristen Luna, who takes some of the best travel pictures I’ve seen on the internet.
  • Kate at Blogcast FM has a great plan for How To Be An Organized Blogger.
  • And now that I’m self-hosted, I’ve been able to install the excellent Editorial Calendar plugin, which puts Kate’s plan into action in an easy, drop-and-drag way.

The election may be tomorrow (I’ve already voted by mail), but the biggest news story coming out of my home country continues to be Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath.

  • New Yorker Erika at Black, Gay and Jewish has a roundup of who needs help, where to go, and the state of the city – including the outer boroughs, not just Manhattan.
  • In response to the catastrophic effect of Sandy on New York’s MTA, London Reconnections wrote a detailed, comprehensive, historical analysis of the possibilities around flooding in London’s Tube system. A Familiar Fear: Flooding & The Underground
  • As usual, The Onion nails the feeling around a national disaster better than almost anyone else.  “Nation Suddenly Realizes This Just Going To Be A Thing That Happens From Now On”:

    Following Hurricane Sandy’s destructive tear through the Northeast this week, the nation’s 300 million citizens looked upon the trail of devastation and fully realized, for the first time, that this is just going to be something that happens from now on.

So the world’s going to continue being slowly destroyed by increasingly unpredictable, devastating weather. Might as well go travelling while you can…

  •  Jet pac has identified 10 places to see…before they’re gone. (Yep, most are disappearing due to climate change.)
  • The Billfold shows how to Find flights the old-fashioned way.
  • Uncornered Market writes about the positive effect travel can have on communities: Tourism – it’s the people’s business.
  • But Traveling The World Won’t Necessarily Make You A Better Person. (Thought Catalog).

However, humanity can’t be doing too badly, if six people are willing to spend spent three and a half hours rescuing a trapped hedgehog from a crisp packet, as they did last week in Somerset. Don’t worry, the hog is now reported to be “thriving”.

Carnival mentions

I’ve been kindly mentioned in three this week! Greg at Control Your Cash accurately notes there are a lot of “wom[e]n who blog about how she’s planning to spend far more time paying off her student loans than she did incurring them”. It’s unclear why he’s singled out women – my reading list of debt-free personal finance bloggers is around half and half – but however you measure it, it’s a pretty strong indictment of the American student loan system.

Canadian Budget Binder made me a Friday Blog Post Pick – his round-up includes some pretty tasty seasonal recipes at the bottom (mmm salted caramel pumpkin orange cheesecake).

And Living Debt Free Rocks gave me a Sunday high five – right back at you!


So, who’s doing anything around the American election tomorrow? I’ll probably stay up to watch the East Coast polls come in (around midnight-1am London time). There are a lot of bars staying open late in London, but I’ll be staying at home – I remember (or don’t remember) being out for the 2008 count all too well…

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These are the reasons that I love going to Raleigh

These are the reasons that I love going to Raleigh, North Carolina. Look, I know it’s not the most popular city in the in North America, but Raleigh North Carolina is truly a gem for all sorts of reasons. For one, it is located in the American South which brings all sorts of hospitality benefits including amazing food and great service at hotels and bed-and-breakfasts. It is amazing how the American South can make anybody from anywhere feel so at home when it chooses to extend its famous generosity and hospitality. The food is amazing.

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