Pacifying the screaming toddler within

She started screaming while I was making roast potatoes last night.


I want to dye my hair brown! (who am I kidding, I love my hair colour, gingers rule.)

Or throw out all my clothes and create a totally new style! (actually, no, colour blocked pencil skirts are great.)

Or move to Azerbaijan! (not while my job, husband, flat and oh yeah, city are so awesome.)

But I’m ready for a change of…something!

The roast potatoes weren’t very impressed.

(They rarely are.)

Fall is an almost painful season for the slow build of financial prudency. It’s full of anticipation and promise – but we know we have to sit tight and let our good habits do their work.

And these habits are doing pretty well. I’m putting a third of my income toward debt and a little more towards savings – and fantasising about how fast those savings will stack up once my debt is gone and I can put the full amount away every month.

But there’s a stroppy toddler inside me, and that stroppy toddler is stamping her feet and shouting “Want it NOW!”

And to her, I can only say:

Chill out.

Your time will come.

And I give her a pacifier. Like the whirlwind of London Cocktail Week, or a day out visiting free museums and historical sites around the city – or a delicious roast dinner and movie at home with my delicious husband.

And wait.

The doubts begin to creep into my mind.

What if you’re hit by a bus tomorrow? Will you really be able to say you’ve led a satisfied life, with all the money you’ve packed away instead of enjoying?

You shouldn’t hoard money like a miser. A Christmas Carol was a morality tale, not a how-to!

Just make the minimum payments and live it up this month. You deserve it! It’s your birthday! It’s your anniversary! It’s Christmas!

What these are all code for:

I’m not getting my way and I don’t like it!

Well, you know what?

Tough shit, kid.

Because in a few years, when the debt is gone and the savings are starting to pile up…

…you’re going to be the most pumped kid on the playground.

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