Progress in the skin

It turns out that THIS Vitamin c serum for face is exactly what I have needed for so long… I tried some prescription creams that always felt horrible to put on my skin, they were so strong and they smell like chemicals. However, it wasn’t until I started using this vitamin C serum that I saw actual noticeable progress, and it’s with a cream that actually smells really good. I mean, the ointment smells beautiful, and it’s so good at absorbing into the skin that I never had to worry about having leftover on me, and even if I did I would just rub it into my hands because it smells so good. Yes, this is an ideal solution, when it comes to acne scarring, it doesn’t completely cure it, but it just improved the General Health of the skin, which of course, in turn, to tracks from the NL tanous of the skin, and I have never felt better about the skin on my face, not ever since I’ve been a self-aware individual, which actually begin, you know, roughly when I started getting acne. I don’t see anybody that this wouldn’t work for, to tell you the truth, it is just such a game-changer.



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