Running out of money eight hours into the month: a very spoooooky payday


Halloween pub

This means today, after paying all my monthly bills and making debt payments – this month’s contribution to the “not getting kicked out of the UK visa” debt payoff fund, as well as the absolute minimum I can put towards my student loans every month and still knock them out before I hit 30 – I’m already £170 overdrawn. Again. And November hasn’t even started yet. (Thankfully it’s a short month.)

I’ve therefore decided to use GUMPTION to earn £170 this month and theoretically save myself from overdraft charges. At the moment, plan for GUMPTION includes:

  • Selling books on Amazon
  • Picking up freelance work on Elance;
  • Drinking cupfuls of boxed red wine and trying to write porn to sell on Kindle. (I have it on very good authority that people who write bad spanking porn are basically just millionaires in waiting. All of them!)
  • Genteelly hating bloggers who go “Oh, I’ve set up my blog for passive income and now it makes money for me while I travel the world, haha!”
  • Going to the pub. Because some people may turn down a London craft beer pub crawl on payday, but those people are not me.

(No goals for November, they’ll just depress me when I inevitably fail to achieve them.)

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