Saving for My Closet


My closet looked so dull right now. If you can see it right now, you can see plain old shirt, a couple of black dresses tucked in the left side, some trousers and jeans which was bought from six years ago, two shoes which are worn out already, and some faded shorts and tank tops. I think I need to amp up my closet a little bit to spice up my mood on dressing up. What do you think? Actually, my friend, a stylist whose clients were some women entrepreneurs, says that yes, my closet and my place too, is a bit of a mess and boring place. She advised that aside from adding a few colorful things in my wardrobe, it is time to invest on accessotris—eartings, necklaces, scarves, sun glasses, timepieces, and even make-up. Well, I am done shopping about make-up last weekend and I am now thing to add a few accessories. I am shopping online too and my stylist friend I should buy a couple of wood watch from best wooden watches  seller she knows. I am just happy that I have a stylist friend who encourages me to dress up more and get inspired each day. After this one, I will shop jeans and coats!

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