These are the reasons that I love going to Raleigh

These are the reasons that I love going to Raleigh, North Carolina. Look, I know it’s not the most popular city in the in North America, but Raleigh North Carolina is truly a gem for all sorts of reasons. For one, it is located in the American South which brings all sorts of hospitality benefits including amazing food and great service at hotels and bed-and-breakfasts. It is amazing how the American South can make anybody from anywhere feel so at home when it chooses to extend its famous generosity and hospitality. The food is amazing.

Because North Carolina is located directly on the  South Eastern Atlantic coastline of the United States of America, the seafood is Super Fresh. I cannot stress enough how much I love that Seafood; catfish, crab, and lobster managed to be a part of my diet almost every single day. There are other things to eat too, but when in Rome– or should I say, when in Raleigh! haha.  Anyway, I also love the way that the cities and towns in North Carolina can so easily be traced to periods of American history based on their architecture. There is so much great Gothic architecture in the cities and towns of North Carolina, which can be seen by the elaborate designs and the columns over the porches which are splendid and you just don’t see that kind of thing very often these days so it is so refreshing to get the chance to. There are also great sports teams in North Carolina and South Carolina so you can check out hockey, football, or basketball depending what time of year you happen to be there… There are some pretty good teams that have competed for championships in recent years, and it isn’t everywhere that you are able to see world-class athletes do their thing in their impressive home arenas. Is there anything I don’t love about North Carolina? Yes, there is one thing that I always hate about leaving the area… The fact that eventually I have to leave! Other than that, there is nothing that I do not adore about the Carolinas and the culture that they have developed and retained for so many generations.

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