What Is App Store Optimization?

What Is App Store Optimization?

The process of increasing the visibility of an app in an app store is what we call ASO. This works for mobile apps only. It basically involves the high ranking of highly searched apps. The higher an app is ranked, the more likely it is to be purchased/ downloaded.

What are its ASO objectives?

ASO marketers have the following objectives to work towards;

  • Rank top of your competitors- the world today has seen so many apps that it is quite difficult to decide which one will work best for you. As a result, we look for the highest ranked one and hope it is the best. Marketers try their best to be at the top of the food chain because only then can you be assured that a great deal of people will purchase the app.
  • Being more available to the users on the app store- most searched apps are easily found on any app store. This is because they will be at the top of the chart. The marketers have to work hard to be at the top as it greatly improves the app’s visibility.
  • Have appealing graphics- people are visual. They first get attracted to what they see. If you have appealing icons, promo videos and screenshots, people will definitely take a look at your app. When they take a look, some interest develops and the might end up purchasing the app.
  • Better ranking in Google semantic searches- through back linking, Google is able to rank the most searched apps even on sites that are not app stores. These rankings are known to be very beneficial in marketing and selling of apps.
  • Great rankings in some specific keywords- people search using keywords. If you are ranked higher in a specific keyword, your app will pop first once the keyword is searched. Popular belief is that the one that pops first it the best.

The ASO platform is steadily going on. This basically means that’s some optimizing methods are clearly defined while others are not. The good thing about it is that a highly ranked app is basically one of the best and since it is made more visible, the chances of its purchase are greatly increased. App store optimization is one of the surest ways of knowing how your app is fairing in the market.


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