Why I Love Amazon Prime Canada

They still specialize in books, and ebooks, in a better way than any other website currently does, well also having a launch streaming video site, as well as the ability to purchase all sorts of media on their platform. Yes, and they even offer an alternative to Dropbox, which with membership is free. Now, I know you’re thinking, and Amazon Prime membership, is not free, because I’m still paying $79 to Amazon Prime Canada. But, here’s the thing, when you start to eliminate the costs that you won’t have to pay because you have an Amazon Prime membership, including shipping, file storage, Netflix, and things like this, you start to see a turn towards profit in a pretty prompt fashion, and I don’t think that this should be underestimated, and sometimes I do feel like this aspect of Amazon Prime is not quite getting enough respect. I still feel like people are taking this reputation to Amazon Prime Canada, that it does not as good as Amazon Prime of the United States. Yes, two hour delivery is not quite a thing yet, but it will be. Mark my words, and even if it’s not, who is offering to our delivery. There is no competition in our country that is doing so, so it is not like we should be holding it against Amazon Prime Canada that they’re not. It’s not the discriminating against Canadian, it’s just not economically viable for Amazon Prime Canada to work on the exact same productivity standard as its counterpart to the South. Surely, that has to be understandable.

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